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Leadership provided by David Parker

david parker director and owner of HMA

David Parker, Owner/Director

David developed Houston Music Academy specifically to encourage all ages to learn an instrument, play music, and have fun. Above all , music is a social activity and needs an outlet. The Houston Music Academy studio is a space that provides that outlet and encourages collaboration among students. The ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem where students, instructors, and guest music clinicians have a chance to share their knowledge and skill. This opens the door for creative productivity for both student and teacher. Ultimately forming a community where musical ideas are shared and nurtured.

Before HMA, there was Saperlo Music. David created as a one stop shop for free music instruction materials and videos. "It's really what started everything. I wanted to develop a site that brought students and instructors together with solid instruction materials, sheet music and videos. During the process HMA was launched." The work David accomplished there is the foundation for Houston Music Academy.

David's credientials:

A graduate University of St. Thomas, David studied Guitar with Wolfgang Justin, played in the St Thomas Guitar Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble, began working as a professional musician and ultimately earning a BA in Music and English Lit. At the Colegio Mayor Madrid, he studied guitar with Dimetrio Ballesteros and later with David Russell. David also holds an MS from the University of Houston and has worked professionally as a music software developer for Voyetra in NY. David is an HSPVA alumnus and formerly the Lanier Middle School Liason to HSPVA. David enjoys cooking paella and spending time with his Italian wife and kids.

Bass Guitar
HMA offers both electric bass and acoustic double bass lessons in all
idioms including Jazz and Classical.
Acoustic Guitar
Whether you interest is finger picking, folk , blues or country,
HMA has the best in town to bring you up to speed on almost
any fingerpicking style
Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar is American Music personafied. We are all about
American idoms such as rock, blues and jazz and there is
possible no other instrument that represents them as well as electric guitar.
Classical Guitar
The classical guitar or Spanish guitar,
holds a special place here at Houston Music Academy.
We the only music school with staff dedicated to this idiom.
The orchestra at your fingertips, the piano is possible
the best instrument to start on.
The natural instrument. HMA's vocal coaches take beginners
and advanced students.
We love drums! Got a drummer on your hands, bring'em here!
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