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Students have the option to record their music lessons and performances at HMA.

HMA Artist Of The Month

HMA Artist Of The Month recognizes musical achievement and consistent musical growth of our students. Students who demonstrate mastery over a particular piece or tune or given the opportunity to record and present their work. HMA is all about elevating each student to the next level and reaching their greatest potential. This is the core philosophy of our music lessons. It is our mission for each individual to have a positive music experience and cultivate a love for music. Music lessons aren't routine. Students are allowed to explore other instruments, in fact, students are encouraged to work on their vocal skills (no matter the instrument of their choice of study) and we always incorporate some vocal training during the music lesson.

Bass Guitar
HMA offers both electric bass and acoustic double bass lessons in all
idioms including Jazz and Classical.
Acoustic Guitar
Whether you interest is finger picking, folk , blues or country,
HMA has the best in town to bring you up to speed on almost
any fingerpicking style
Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar is American Music personafied. We are all about
American idoms such as rock, blues and jazz and there is
possible no other instrument that represents them as well as electric guitar.
Classical Guitar
The classical guitar or Spanish guitar,
holds a special place here at Houston Music Academy.
We the only music school with staff dedicated to this idiom.
The orchestra at your fingertips, the piano is possible
the best instrument to start on.
The natural instrument. HMA's vocal coaches take beginners
and advanced students.
We love drums! Got a drummer on your hands, bring'em here!
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